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Michio Kaku ~Lazar

This man right here…


…Is a physics “protege”.

During his high school years, Kaku engineered his own particle accelerator in his parents garage! Why would a teenage boy want to assemble a particle accelerator? Well, in this case, to generate gamma ray beam to create anti-matter. Kaku’s strive for knowledge and the understanding of the universe from such a young age expresses his role in both our scientific and metaphysical studies. (He tried to create anti-matter as a teen for crying out loud! this is the man that disagrees with with the term “impossible”)

Kaku’s greatest work in metaphysics involves time travel and teleportation, discussing the possibilities and moralities in the subjects as well as their possibilities. Both these concept have been proven potential; however far from full function. Time travel to the past, on the other hand, is a concept which has very little scientific evidence, none that actually illustrated proof for the subject. Future time travel and teleprtation both have passed valid experiments demonstrating their possibilities. (Scientists have actually managed to teleport particles from one place to another!)

My particular interest is in Historic time travel. The possibility of traveling to the past and witnessing the reminiscence, middle ages, ancient Rome, ancient Greece, or even the birth of Jesus Christ (Assuming he is legitimate). The confusion, yet intrigue comes from paradoxes so easily formed from time travel to the past. for example, if you travel to the past and kill your mother before you were, how would you have been alive to perform such an action if you were never born. In fact, there are so many paradoxes that some famous ones have even acquired their own names, such as the grandfather paradox (Which i will discuss in future posts).

Michio Kaku may be a physicists, but the best part of theoretical physics is that the thinking involved in it ranges somewhat from philosophical thinking.




3 thoughts on “Michio Kaku ~Lazar

  1. Hi Lazar,

    Physics and philosophy are very much intertwined. Any and all human study is a form of philosophy. They’re all trying to answer the same question; what are we and why are we here?

    Time travel is an interesting way to test those questions. When you look at time alone, it is the one constant that keeps its connected. However, you look again at Einstein: “all time is relative”. To each person’s experience, moments are completely separate from any other person. We may have similarities yet unable to truly share the same experience.

    sort of frightening to think that our experiences are different than any other.

    time travel and teleportation, it breaks that one not-really constant we have and sends our individual experiences astray. What we are, are our individual experience and also things we don’t experience.

    How does the concept of one travel alter our understanding of identity through experiences?

    Posted by julieisafriendofmine | October 15, 2013, 6:29 pm
  2. The interesting thing about time, according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, not only is tike relative to the observer, but time is linked with space, known as space time. This means that space cannot exsist without time and vise versa. For example, how can a human occupy a certain space but not age, or pass in time. also, how can time pass, yet there be nothing to occupy its passing.

    Also, I don’t quite understand you final question?

    Posted by thelaserbeam17 | October 16, 2013, 5:22 pm


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