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Logic & Scientific Philosophy

Martin Heidegger and his effects on Postmodernism

Meine liebe Damen und Herren. Dear readers. My name Martin Heidegger and my work as a philosopher was instrumental in understanding postmodernism and their views on science. My book, Being and Time, is considered one of the most important philosophical works of the 20th century and my work is said to have played a crucial role in the development of existentialism, hermeneutics, deconstruction, postmodernism, and continental philosophy.

Is science objective: No, of course it is not. Scientific

researchers become scientific researchers through socialization and training and those are both changing through time so the scientific training that workers receive depends on social and political conditions. Without our preconceived notions, we are nothing. It is impossible to separate us from the environment that we live in. I feel that it is also important to note that fashions in science often change, and work that seemed important suddenly becomes irrelevant. Just as trends change as society progresses, science changes too.  I have always maintained that our way of questioning defines our nature and I believe that philosophy is a funnel through which we can pour our questions and try to find ourselves as we come up with an answer.

Science may not be objective, but in truth; what is? Can we truly say with certainty that something is objective if it is being manipulated and calculated by a human with their own history and experience? I believe that nothing is objective and that nothing will ever be objective because everything is done with the help from the mind of a person who has known cultural norms and standards and who has preconceived notions about the world.



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