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Logic arguments!

Think about the following:


Working out makes your muscles sore & painful

Pain is a bad thing to experience

Therefore working out is bad for you.

Obviously although this argument makes sense technically, science has proven that working out is actually good for your body, so it is not factually sound. 


A cow fart contains methane gas

Methane is a large contributer of global warming

Cows are the cause of global warming.

This argument is a tricky one. Although technically factual, cows do contribute to global warming because of methane gas, this is undeniable, it is not the only reason and therefore we cannot single it out. More clarification would be needed to make this argument totally sound.


McDonald’s sells apple slices

Apples have nutrients which are good for you

McDonald’s is good for your health

This argument is sound by form, but the content it holds has been disproved to an extent. Although apples are good for you, it is incorrect to jump to the conclusion that McDonald’s is as well. It has been scientifically proven that a large amount of their food is not beneficial to one’s health.



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