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Logic & Scientific Philosophy

Teenagers are bad influences

All teenagers are bad influences,
I am a teenager,
Therefore, I am a bad influence.
X (Teenagers) Y (Bad Infleunces) A (Me)
X is YA is X, therefore, A is Y.
The form is valid because of the way that it is presented. A stereotype of “all teenagers being bad influences” is clearly not correct, but the statement that “I am a teenager” is correct. The reason I chose the stereotype “all teenagers are bad influences” is because if an elderly person looks down on a specific teenager and sees something among the lines of being a bad influences, the stereotype will commonly spread to the rest of teenagers, causing others to look down on you. Although this form is valid, the premises in it aren’t factually correct, because of what I said. Y (Bad Influences) is a stereotype and isn’t 100% correct, but A (Me) being X (A Teenager) is factually correct. This form isn’t sound because the premises I used are both not 100%, only one of them is. In order for a form to be sound, both premises must be completely correct and make up to a valid argument.



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