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People In Jail Are All Bad

The reason I chose this for an example is because I’m basing it off of a TV show that I watch called “Orange Is the New Black”. The woman that goes to jail (Piper Chapman) is arrested for a misunderstanding involving a transportation of drug money by her ex-girlfriend.
Jail is for bad people,
Piper Chapman goes to jail,
Therefore, Piper Chapman is a bad person.
The form for this argument is valid due to it’s form,  and one of the two premises being correct: (Piper Chapman does go to jail, but is not considered a bad person because the reason she’s in jail is only a misunderstanding).
X is YA is X, therefore, A is Y.
(Jail), Y (Bad People), A (Piper Chapman).
If you think about jail, an instant conclusion is that the person is a criminal with a guilty past and has done something wrong (being a bad person). The only premise that’s actually correct though is that Piper is going to jail, because there is no concrete evidence that Piper is a bad person, but there also isn’t any evidence that she isn’t. This argument is not sound.



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