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Logic & Scientific Philosophy

Everybody should do drugs/drink

All humans have goals to be happy,
Drinking and drugs create artificial happiness,
Everyone should drink and/or do drugs.
X is YA is X, therefore, A is Y.
X (Humans), Y (Being happy), A (Drinking/drugs).
The reason that I picked drinking/drugs is because it’s usually an activity that some may go to for an artificial/temporary pleasure. It doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone should go do drugs or go drink and turn into drug addicts/alcoholics when there are other solutions/ways to being happy. Resorting to hard drugs, and drinking out of habit can resort to hurting yourself and others around you and is not a way to be long-term happy.
Two of those premises are somewhat correct (People strive to be happy, and drugs and drinking create an artificial happiness) but the conclusion is not realistic or 100% true. I’m not very sure if this argument would be sound because both premises are correct, but what they conclude to isn’t necessarily true/should happen.



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