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Are video games a bad influence?

A nine year old boy from Orlando, Florida, was taken to court and punished with home confinement after he brought weapons to school. The thought of a young child bringing weapons to school is disturbing, but his reasoning for it brings innocence to light: he was simply reenacting the video game “Minecraft.” The reported weapons included an unloaded handgun, a knife, bullets and a small sledge hammer. The boy’s father was quick to defend him, stating that it was all for play and his son had no intentions of harming anyone, as well as the fact that the gun couldn’t be fired because the firing pin was removed. This still, however, caused Minecraft to be questioned and people to wonder if it was a bad influence on children.


Children should not have weapons

Minecraft involves weapons

Therefore, children should not play Minecraft

While this argument has some factual correctness to it, it is not sound because many more arguments could be made from it. Many gamers, for example, would argue that you cannot blame a weapon-involved game on children thinking it’s okay to possess weapons; it’s up to the child’s parent to prohibit the use of them. Others might argue that the rating of the game should be raised to make parents aware of the the ideas the game could put in their child’s head. Something everyone could probably agree on is that a child thinking it’s okay to bring weapons to school is a cause for concern, and there should be some sort of conclusion as to what should be done, before more children decide to follow this boy’s lead.



One thought on “Are video games a bad influence?

  1. Good arguement, and very good point about how other arguements can be made from it. I thnk there is many factors that are involved in gun and weapons related violence in youth, we can’t pin it on one source.

    Posted by Ayden | September 30, 2013, 3:13 pm

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