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What really makes someone a parent?

I thought that this would be a good topic because the definition of the term “parent” is controversial, as there are many issues where the biological parent/parents of a child either choose not to be in the child’s life or are not allowed custody of the child because they do not seem fit to be a parent. 

Possible argument:

A woman who gives birth is a mother

A woman who gives birth is absent from her child’s life

Therefore, the woman who is absent from her child’s life is a mother

Another argument might suggest:

A child’s caretaker is its mother

A child’s caretaker does not give birth to the child

Therefore, a caretaker who did not birth the child is its mother

Neither argument is factually correct, as the statements are merely opinions and cannot be proven. However, both arguments are valid because the premises accurately add up to the conclusion. Since both arguments are valid and neither can be proven correct, the “right” answer to the question is a harsh topic of debate in custody battles.





One thought on “What really makes someone a parent?

  1. This is really powerful, because traditionally we think of the mother as the one who gave birth, but there is so much more involved in being a mother then just giving birth

    Posted by Ayden | September 30, 2013, 3:15 pm

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