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Logic & Scientific Philosophy

Time Travel ~Lazar

Main source: Time: A Traveler’s Guide by: Clifford A. Pickover

Other sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spacetime & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_travel

1. All space is time

2. Velocity changes space

/ Velocity changes time

To begin with, what is meant by change is the effects of a certain vector on a state, of course depending on the frame of reference. In the case of space, velocity can effect it’s change in displacement or acceleration, thus, change implies how the dimension is being “effected”. With this clarified, we can begin the dissection of our argument.

The first premise argues that all space is time. This is determined to be true due to Einstein’s special and general theory of relativity (later on it will be discussed how this proves the conclusion true as well). The second premise states that “velocity changes space,” and as explained in the previous paragraph, it is understood what is meant by change (that it refers to the idea of the dimension being effected by its vector, in this case velocity effecting space). For example, if one takes a step froward, then they have changed the position of where they were standing, and thus changing “space”. With this, we can deem the second premise true as well. The premises are true, and the form follows the correct order:

All X is Y

Z  changes X

/Z changes Y

Thus, the argument can be deemed valid. The bigger question is whether or not this argument is factually correct? To answer this, consult yourself to the following equation:


Let’s say that you are traveling at 0.99c (99% if the speed of light), and during your journey, 20 years pass on earth (stationary time, which is relative to the observer that is on earth), when you input the numbers, for you, who was traveling at 99% of the speed of light, only two years pass (dilated time, relative to the observer in traveling at the speed of light). This means, that in all reality, you’ve technically traveled to the future, because your velocity was so close to the speed of light, 2 years was equivalent to 20 on earth. Yes my friends, it is indeed possible to time travel to the future. In fact, every time you move at a certain velocity (even just by walking) you are technically slowing your time frame, hence, being a little younger than everyone else that was sitting in their chairs. Unfortunately, the time dilation is so immensely small, that humans do not have any effect by it here on earth. An experiment was done to prove this theory as well. Scientists took two atomic clocks (highly accurate clocks) and placed one on a passenger jet, and left one stationary here on earth. After a certain period of time, they took the clock that was on the plane, and examined it with the clock they left planted on the ground, stationary. They noticed that the clock on the plane was a very small amount of time behind the clock that was on the ground, proving that velocity does very much indeed dilate time. However, only when one is traveling at speeds very close to the speed of light, do they feel the full effects of this time dilation.

What does this do for the human race?

Well, either than proving Einstein’s theories of special and general relativity, and making huge theoretical advancements in the world of science, it doesn’t do much for the human race (other than answer one of the worlds most intrigued questions), since we are not even close to capable in building a ship or devise that can propel us at such speeds. We still yet have to answer another great question about time’s mysteries, and that is whether or not we can travel to the past? There are theories stating its possibility; however, proving them is still unreachable to the human race. More so, the extent to which time travel to the past is paradoxical creates contradictions in theories at almost every possible angle. Hence, creating time travel into the past more of a philosophical question, rather than scientific.

If you could travel to the past, where would you go?




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