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the logic of ancient aliens

Ancient cultures worship gods that came from the sky
Aliens come from the sky
Ancient cultures worshipped aliens

Many of us have watched ancient aliens, and many of us have thought “oh my god this makes so much sense!” The form of this argument is valid, because the conclusion is consistent with the premises, and the premises are consistent with each-other. This argument follows the a to b, b to c, a to c form. The argument can not be verified because only the first premise is based on a creditable source, we do not know if there are aliens who come from the sky. Because the argument is not factually correct, and is only valid in form, that would make it not sound.

This argument is from the show ancient Aliens, and is the basic belief that the ancient cultures worshipped and where in contact with extra terrestrials that helped them develop technologies and accomplish things that we do not have the ability to accomplish today.



2 thoughts on “the logic of ancient aliens

  1. Actually, I would say that this argument rather follows a different form. You have:

    1. Ancient cultures worshipped gods that came from the sky
    2. Aliens come from the sky
    3. Ancient cultures worshipped aliens

    Which translates to:

    1. a is b
    2. c is b
    3. a is c

    Where a = things worshipped by ancient cultures
    b = things from the sky
    and c = aliens

    Then this argument is only valid if you include premises like:

    1. All things from the sky are worshipped by ancient cultures
    2. All things from the sky are aliens

    Good work though, I enjoyed this post.

    Posted by evandervelden | September 29, 2013, 4:15 am
  2. I think this kind of stuff is super interesting, and I think it’s the odd yet valid argument that really make people think that it could be insane but true. It shows that people that come up with these arguments have to be logical and therefore convincing people

    Posted by andrearuiz2013 | September 29, 2013, 5:13 am

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