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The controversial topic: Abortion logic- Andrea

I would just like to start out by saying I am not promoting or condemning anything, this blog post is just about one existing argument and the logic behind it. Abortion: good or bad? While there is no answer clear in writing this is one of the many popular opinions. Here’s the argument:

All abortions are murder

All murder is unethical

Therefore all abortions are unethical.

Which follows the form of:

All X are Y

All Y are Z

/All X are Z

This argument is very valid, all the premises support the conclusion. However, is it factually correct? That is a more difficult question. Most people could most likely agree that the statement, all murder is unethical, sounds about right. However, many people have and are fighting over , all abortions are murder. No one has yet to prove it 100%.  Some people say that it is a human at any stage, while others say that it isn’t alive until a certain trimester in which it has a heart beat. But how can we prove any of these opinions if we can’t speak to it?  a bundle of stem cells? the unborn child? The answer is we can’t. This argument cannot be factually correct on the basis that we can’t test one of the premises. A valid but factually incorrect argument, cannot be sound

Many people bases their decision on their religion background, specially where some religions disapprove of the act. Its tough to say where this logic really stems from, but I think it is important that as people we have to respect their opinions. While a world with various opinions and thoughts sounds like the right place to be headed, this logic could stand in its way. There is no problems with this opinion, the real problem lies within people who feel soo strongly about it, they feel the need to impose their opinions on others. The problem with this is that people are seeking to have a world with one opinion, and that’s their own. This can cause rifts among the population seeing as people don’t appreciate being told what to think. The problem isn’t the opinion, but wanting everyone to have that opinion.



2 thoughts on “The controversial topic: Abortion logic- Andrea

  1. factually incorrect also because not all murder is unethical- self defence?

    Posted by heatherobyn | September 28, 2013, 1:00 am

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