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Obama Critisized by Fox News Logic – Emily


In Obama’s speech to the United States during the Navy Yard shooting he mentioned that several people have been shoot and that some have been killed

12 people had already been killed during the Navy Yard shooting which was more than Obama mentioned

Therefore Obama is tasteless and has no decency or shame

This argument has no form as its conclusion does not follow its premises and is not factual as Obama’s speech to the United States does not prove that he is tasteless and has no decency or shame.

The author of this article, Michael Goodwin, is very cynical towards Obama. He has written and published a number of rant articles about him. It should come as no surprise that he criticized Obama during his speech. This article will not have many effects as it will be read by the people who read fox news and has not been published or viewed on many different sites, but it will affect nothing political.



2 thoughts on “Obama Critisized by Fox News Logic – Emily

  1. Awesome dissection of a argument that is very subjective and based in someones personal opinion. Do you think though that an article like this may have some sort of societal effect though? Though as you say it may not have any political effects, do you think that it may effect those who read this article or articles like this and maybe persuade them to think a certain way about a certain political figure? Would that not also in turn have a political consequence as well? . Great post Emily!

    Posted by dylanaraki | September 29, 2013, 10:40 pm
    • Thanks for your comment. I believe that this article has the possibility to have some sort of societal effect although the fact that this is a political commentary from Fox News might slow them down. Fox News has been known to be a conservative news organization who are generally in disfavor of Obama. Those who support him will scoff at the article and those who do not will point this out as another thing that Obama did wrong. As for the people who cannot decide, this article might change their mind but again, based on the source, generally people take opinion based articles with a grain of salt which might lead them to investigate the source and decide for themselves. Well… That’s what would happen in an ideal world. In reality people will probably loose interest and end up never investigating the speech and the article and deciding how the argument from Fox News was created and how factually correct it is.

      Posted by emilysaint05 | September 30, 2013, 5:56 am

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