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Logic Argument #2 – Ramona

In this blog, I will argue the side of Gurbaj from Logic Argument #1. Here is the story one more time:

In 2001, Gurbaj Singh Multani’s ceremonial dagger, a kirpan, fell out of its cloth holder in the school yard. The school in Montreal banned Gurbaj from bringing his kirpan to school because it was considered a weapon. Gurbaj argued that it was not a weapon but a religious symbol, since he is an orthodox Sikh he is required to wear it all times.

1: People have religious rights

2: Religions are practiced freely

/People have the right the practice their religions.

What I am trying to argue in this particular blog is that even if people see it as a threat, he still has the right in Canada to have the ceremonial dagger on him because we all have the right to practice whatever religion we wish. Immigrants who bring their culture with them to our country won’t change it just because of a change of setting. Growing up as a orthodox Sikh, he doesn’t think this is weird or dangerous like people who are not of his religion would, since it was how he was raised.




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