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CrossFit Libertarian Logic – Emily


CrossFit, the popular fitness regimen questioned the wisdom of military strikes in Syria

Some libertarians discuss military strikes in Syria

Therefore CrossFit is a libertarian organization

This argument has a correct form =

X, Y

Z, Y

X, Z

This argument is not factually correct as not all of the statements are true. The conclusion is a far-fetched guess based on the premises but has the potential to be argued. Despite this fact, I still believe that it is not factually correct. Although the argument has the correct form, it is not factually correct, therefore it is not sound.

This argument’s logic comes from a CrossFit tweet that was related to an article by the Cato Institute, a libertarian organization. The article discussed minimum wage regulations and how they can drive up unemployment. Although this argument raises the potential for CrossFit to be a libertarian organization, it is impossible to come to that conclusion without more significant evidence.

I don’t think that anything will change due to this article. CrossFit is considered to be controversial and has been accused of being a Libertarian organization on many occasions. Despite these accusations CrossFit is still a popular fitness regimen.



2 thoughts on “CrossFit Libertarian Logic – Emily

  1. I feel that in our times every major comapany takes some sort of political stance. I don’t really understand why they would do such a thing but i do know that sometimes it can backfire harshly. Another company that took a stance on something that polittically controversial is chick-fil-A and they lost a good bit of money. Thier profits fell short of last year and the homosexual community will never eat in thier restuarnats ever again. Good job emily! you explained it really well..

    Posted by imtiazpaiman99 | September 29, 2013, 6:53 am

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