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Bowling for columbine: the logic

The NRA promotes gun use
The columbine shooters used guns
The NRA promoted Columbine

This argument is a well formed and factually correct argument in my opinion. The premises are true, and the conclusion is true to the premise. It sounds very drastic, but the fact that the NRA held a gun rally directly after the Massacre, which seems very insensitive and a little to coincidental. The NRA has held rally’s after other gun related tragities before. The form is valid because it follows the a to b, b to c, a to c.

In bowling for columbine, the director Michael Moore took a look at the promotion of guns in the untied states and how the massacre could have been prevented, had guns not be to easily accessible.



One thought on “Bowling for columbine: the logic

  1. Nice argument! I like the premises you have chosen! But, this is just me being nitpicky, if you were following a to b, b to c, a to c, it would be more effective to say: guns were used in the columbine shootings.

    Posted by andrearuiz2013 | September 29, 2013, 5:09 am

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