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A child’s logic: The Tooth fairy- Andrea

Here is some information about everyone’s favorite childhood fairy. I’m going to be discussing a certain argument from a child’s point of view. Here is the argument:

All my teeth are now baby teeth that I lost

All lost baby teeth are replaced by money from the tooth fairy

Therefore my baby teeth were replaced by money from the tooth fairy

Which follows the form of:

All X are Y

All Y are Z

/ All X are Z

This is the cutest argument, when I was little I believed in the tooth fairy with all my heart. That is until I woke up to my dad trying to sneak some money underneath my pillow. It is a valid argument because the form is correct and the premises support the conclusion. From now on this argument is going to be discussed completely from the point of a child. Is it factually correct? Absolutely. There are books about the tooth fairy everywhere and all the kids and adults talk about her so she must exist. If she exists the she has to do what the tale says! Since the argument is both valid and true, then it can absolutely be sound.

The argument  can be related to a child’s wonderful imagination and naivety. Children will believe anything, specially if they want to. It amazes me how clear a child’s mind is, free from discrimination, free from fear or doubt, they just see it as it is. They don’t complicate themselves over worries and problems like we do, they just choose to go on with their lives believing what they see. I think this is a great way to raise a child. This will lead to an open-minded accepting population. People who don’t judge others. I understand that there are more complicated things in life, but can you imagine a world free from negativity? I wish.



One thought on “A child’s logic: The Tooth fairy- Andrea

  1. I really like the fact that you used a childhood belief and backed it up with logic, it’s super creative and cute. I agree that raising a child to be open minded and more accepting of other culture and ideas

    Posted by Ayden | September 29, 2013, 6:43 pm

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