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Logic & Scientific Philosophy

Unworthy Celebrities

all celebrities are talented, spoiled, or lucky people

some celebrities are unworthy

some talented, spoiled or lucky people are unworthy

f2) all X are Y

some X are Z

/ some Y are Z

My brother and I were discussing today’s disappointing array of celebrities. First, we discussed how they became celebrities (aka their x-factors), then we discussed how unfortunate their popularity is (in our opinion) and I came full circle with the concluding argument.

This argument is both valid and potentially true, and therefore it is sound. This argument’s logic comes from the fact that the x’s, y’s and z’s are all in their correct location and that the premises and the conclusion is true.

It’s effects are social more than anything because this argument is potentially offensive to those invested in pop-culture. However, nobody likes every single celebrity, and it isn’t targeting anyone specifically.




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