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Love me Logic – Jessica

Ever have that special someone in your life where they just seem to occupy your thoughts and you can’t keep your eyes off them? You have fallen into cupids chokehold. You have to know if that person feels the same way about you but you just don’t know how to find out.

here’s an arguement to solve all of your problems:

You stare at a person lovingly

The person stares back

Therefore, that person is staring back lovingly

This argument is valid because it does not follows the proper form of
X is Y
A is X
/Y is X

X(me staring) Y(lovingly) A(my love staring)

The premises are true but the conclusion is false and the way one would find out if an argument is factually correct or not depends on the premises, not the conclusion, thus making the argument factually correct. Just because a person stares back at you while your loving gaze is fixed upon them, does not mean that they are in love with you. There is an abundance of reasons why they might have been looking back at you but we do not know 100% that they love you back.



2 thoughts on “Love me Logic – Jessica

  1. Hmmm, I think there might need to be a tweak of the form here, Jessica – but it’s mostly there!

    Your premises, taken together, do not necessarily lead to the conclusion, I don’t think. Yes, *you* stare at the person you love; but them staring back doesn’t necessarily mean that they love you, if that makes sense?

    Is there a way you could build a new first premise (and the second I suppose) such that your second would equate the ‘returned stare’ with love?

    Keep it up!

    Mr. J

    Posted by bryanjack | September 27, 2013, 6:34 pm

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