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Logic in American Foreign Policy – Ashley


Even though Syria has never signed nor ratified the Chemical Weapons Convention, it has not stopped the United States from using Syria’s existing chemical weapons and the Assad regime’s use of those chemical weapons against it’s civilian population as an excuse to intervene with military strikes. Israel, who has signed the treaty to ban the use of chemical weapons (but has not ratified it) has similarly used chemical weapons against a civilian population, although not on it’s own people, but the Palestinian residents of the Gaza strip. Even though many innocent civilians were killed, Israel has yet to be criticized for it’s use of chemical weapons but has been even defended by it’s ally, The United States. It can be argued there is a certain fault with this logic.

The argument presented by the writer of the article is:

All nation-states must abide by the Chemical Weapons Convention.
Israel is a nation-state.
/Israel must abide by the Chemical Weapons Convention.

This argument is completely valid based on its form, and in the opinions of many, *should* be sound in terms of content (this is where ethics come in). However because most political arguments never have a straight answer and are often subjective and opinion based, it can not be sound.



One thought on “Logic in American Foreign Policy – Ashley

  1. I agree with you on terms that the argument is not sound due to such a variety of opinion. For instance; I don’t agree with your first premise and your conclusion which states that all nation states must abide by the chemical weapons convention, because they do not have to abide, they choose to abide because it looks good for them. With this, your conclusion may also be false because Israel chose to stop using white phosphorus because they stated “it doesn’t look good” for the country. Ergo, the argument not being sound; however, it depends on ones opinion. Great article!

    Posted by thelaserbeam17 | September 27, 2013, 6:31 pm

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