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Legally Blonde Logic- Andrea

Legally blode, one of my all time favourite movies, has a hidden controversial topic in it. Discrimination is what the movie consist of, not discrimination of race, religion, or sex, but hair colour. The argument is as follows:

All blondes are dumb

No lawyers are dumb

Therefore no blondes are lawyers.

Which follows the form of:

All X are Z

No Y are Z

/No X are Y

This argument is indeed valid because the form is correct. However this argument isn’t necessarily factually correct. At first glance, to an arrogant self-righteous person, this argument can come off as correct, but is very wrong. All blondes are dumb is very far from the truth. Hair color has absolutely nothing to do with the size of your friend. I have met many blondes that are quite brilliant, one being our librarian Ms.Leblond. On the other side of the spectrum, dumb lawyers exist, you can find one right here. So at this point the argument is valid, however it isn’t true, because of that this argument is not sound at all.

This logic comes from a history of generalizing. In 1775, Rosalie Duthe acted in the play  Les curiosites de la Foire where she would execute long pauses between her lines and came off stupid. Ever since then the dumb blonde stereotype has boomed, almost everyone has heard about it, there’s a wikipedia page on it. Poor Elle wood’s received the stereotype and her peers and teachers had no hope in her. This isn’t good for the future at all, any sort of future where arrogance and discrimination are regular events is a dark one. Only a few decades ago we where discriminating against race. Behavior like this only holds us back, but i think its hopefully starting to finally become less of an issue. We can finally look forward to a future with blonde lawyers.


3 thoughts on “Legally Blonde Logic- Andrea

  1. Good post, Andrea, I love how you incorporated Legally Blonde. Your explanation was very clear and accurate and a pleasant read. One thing, though – the link you included doesn’t seem to link to anything…Anyway, I think this was a very good example to pick. Good message included too!

    Posted by evandervelden | September 29, 2013, 4:27 am

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