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Fifty Shades Of Grey – Katherine

Before reading on: this has absolutely nothing to do with the book by E. L. James. Sorry folks.

Society hates murderers
Murderers are evil
Society hates evil


Society is good

I haven’t picked a specific article with which to construct this argument, as you can find multitudes of articles condemning murderers, and would have a very difficult time finding one glorifying them. These premises are based on my generalization of societal views of murderers; where I assume that society hates murderers based on the severe punishments we implement and animosity we breed towards them. I also assume that murder is a bad thing… Is that even an assumption?

Alright, with all assumptions aside, this argument is valid.
If x is not y
And y is z
Then x is not z.

Is this argument factually correct? Like I was saying earlier, I hope it is! The soundness of the argument then relies on the factual correctness of the premises. Once again, I hope it is!

I’ve attempted to draw another conclusion based on the conclusion “Society hates evil”. So if society hates evil, does that mean that society is good? After all, it’s just good versus evil, black versus white, Coke versus Pepsi… Or is it? The problem I’ve noticed with syllogistic logic is that it makes things either one way or the other, neglecting the possibility of contrasting things co-existing – which actually happens very often in our lives. Sometimes there’s fifty shades of grey in life, sometimes we mix our Coke with Pepsi, and sometimes good can exist alongside evil. Syllogistic logic argues that because society hates murders (who are evil), society therefore hates evil. And because society is opposed to evil, society must then be good. Well is society in essence, good? I’ll save my uncensored, unedited opinion about this for a time and place that doesn’t hold me accountable to what I say forever and ever (unlike the internet).

For now I’ll say this: If society’s “goodness” were to be a glass of soda, the cup wouldn’t be filled with only one type of drink. There would be Coke, Pepsi, iced tea, root beer, Dr. Pepper, Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, diet iced tea… Diet root beer… Diet Dr. Pepper… A mixture of many different drinks. I think it’s extremely difficult to define society as good or bad, despite the syllogistic logic of society’s goodness being sound. So you know what syllogistic logic? Even though you’re quite formulaic and I quite enjoy mathematics, I don’t think I like you very much.

Katherine likes math
Syllogistic logic is mathematical
Katherine likes syllogistic logic

Valid? Yes.
Factually correct? Definitely.
Sound? Apparently.
True? No way.



2 thoughts on “Fifty Shades Of Grey – Katherine

  1. Thats a very good exlanation on wheter or not society is good or evil but i was curious into knowing what your stance on how a man is born. good, neutral or evil ? i personally belive that man are born neutral and society dictates thier fate. By that i mean that its your family, friends and your surronding that will dictate your upbringing and that society will choose whether you will be good or evil.

    Posted by imtiazpaiman99 | September 28, 2013, 12:17 am

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