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Assisted Suicide Syllogistic Logic -Katherine



We have the freedom of liberty

Assisted suicide is a liberty

/We have the freedom to choose assisted suicide


Yes, this form flows and makes sense, and is thus valid. It’s difficult to determine this argument as factually correct or not, considering that the second premise supporting this conclusion could be considered true or false, depending on who you ask. If the second premise is to be true, then this argument would be sound as well; vice versa for if the premise is false. This argument obviously supports the idea of assisted suicide, which is drastically impacting many in our society, as shown in the article regarding Dr. Donald Law’s request for the implementation of it. I don’t know if a proposal/argument like this could ever be wholly sound even if it became legalized, as we all have different opinions and philosophies, and despite any laws created, it would be difficult for them to completely influence one’s ideologies. So to some this may be sound, to others, simply valid.



One thought on “Assisted Suicide Syllogistic Logic -Katherine

  1. Great post Katherine on a very difficult subject. Assisted suicide is a very personal topic as you said and everyone has their own opinions on it, and I think you did a great job of tackling this argument from a very objective standpoint. Awesome post!

    Posted by dylanaraki | September 29, 2013, 10:52 pm

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