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Unarguable Logic -Katherine



Gilmour only teaches what interests him.

Gilmour is not interested in women authors.

Gilmour will not teach about women authors.


I honestly don’t understand why this article is even an article. But since it is, I think it’s a great example of something valid, factually correct, and therefore sound. I don’t see the purpose of this article as I find it completely logical and sound, and I rarely find articles which simply state things that make sense and that everyone can agree upon. This article attempts to create conflict in a story which there is none; concerning how women authors are not in Gilmour’s syllabus.


The form of this argument is valid. It follows the form;


x is y

y is not z

/ x is not z


With x representing Gilmour teaching, y representing what Gilmour is interested in, and z representing women authors.


It is also safe to say that these premises are factually correct. Gilmour will teach what interests him – true; Gilmour is not interested in women authors – also true. As this argument is both valid and factually correct, it is thus sound. I think the logic Gilmour uses to justify why he only teaches about male authors bears no discrimination against any person. What to consider is why this is even an article. I feel as though the author of the article, Joshua Errett, attempts to create conflict in a story where none exists. Now I can’t explain the logic behind that.



One thought on “Unarguable Logic -Katherine

  1. Great job on your post Katherine! I too find that articles are sometimes created to stir up a conflict where there is none. I was however wondering how Mr. Gilmour’s classes might affect his students and if it was worth it for Joshua Errett to bring this into the open.

    Posted by emilysaint05 | September 30, 2013, 4:33 am

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