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Breaking Bad Logic – Jessica

The ground breaking TV series, Breaking Bad, tells a story about about a man named Walter White, a middle aged high school chemistry teacher who’s luck has always seemed to run dry especially when he gets diagnosed with lung cancer. With another child on the way and the fear of leaving his family financially unstable because of his early demise and how expensive the cancer treatment is, he turns to cooking methamphetamine to earn enough money fast to send his children through college and pay of their piling bills. Eventually, Walter becomes the king of a crystal meth empire he created himself and turned mad with power.

Drugs are shown by the media as a horrible thing that everyone should stay away from and that people who associate themselves with such, are labeled as bad influences and bad people.

The argument I am presenting is:

All drug dealers are bad people

Walter White is a drug dealer

Therefore, Walter White is a bad person.

Because I am an open minded person and I don’t like to judge people according to the way they choose to live their lives, I am going to declare this argument is valid because it follows the proper form but although Walter White is a drug dealer, not all drug dealers are horrible people. They, just like Walter, may be trying to get enough money to provide for themselves or family and it is the only way they really know how to because of the circumstances they may be dealing with, thus, making the argument factually incorrect because of the first premise. Since it is valid but not factually correct, it is not sound either.

Despite everything that Walter has done to the people he loves and how incredibly controversial his actions have been towards the law, his heart was in the right place to earn all of this money for the sake of his family and not his own selfish needs. Until the very end, he would always think of his family because that is the only thing he has left and without it all of his efforts would have been worthless.



3 thoughts on “Breaking Bad Logic – Jessica

  1. In the post you say the argument is neither valid nor factually correct. I can see how it’s not factually correct, but isn’t it still valid? The form is fine and we would be able to come to that conclusion if all the statements were true. The content of the argument only affects factual correctness, not validity.

    Posted by Aidan C | September 27, 2013, 12:33 am
  2. What I would like to state is, the definition of “bad” is very subjective. Meaning, you can consider one bad not just by their intentions, but as well by what they do. You’ve stated that Walter isn’t a bad person because his intentions are good, for feeding his family, and putting his children through college. However, isn’t the fact that in this process he is ruining many lives of young youth by dealing crystal meth to them? Is that also not considered “bad”? hence, I do belive your argument is factually correct, however, that depends on ones perception of the term “bad”.

    Posted by thelaserbeam17 | September 27, 2013, 6:16 pm

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