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Introduction to Philosophical Inquiry

What is Philosophy? -Aman

Note this might sound better read out loud. 

What is Philosophy?

Is it the question,

“What is life?”

What is life?

Is it the birds and the bees?

Maybe it’s the sun and the moon

The Earth and the stars

Maybe it’s the universe working as one

Unifying together to create

Something, something more

What is that something?

What is more?

Is more a God?

A deity?

A religion?

Or is more within us?

The other 90% of our function machine

Or is more beyond anything

Is more infinity and beyond?

Is something our ability to be?

Is something our feelings?

Our emotions?

Is it what lets us be intelligent creatures?

Is it what moves us away from primal instincts?

Is what lets us be heartbroken

When our relationship doesn’t turn out right?

Is it what lets us be happy

when finally everything works out?

Is this life?

Is this philosophy?

“Philosophy is the love of wisdom”

According to definition

What is love?

What is wisdom?

A feeling that fills your heart with light

A combination of knowledge and intelligence

The ability to feel,

The ability to know.

What is knowing?

Do we really know?

What happens to us when we die?

What clicks inside a parent when a child is born?

Why does innocence go?

Where does it go?

Why do wolves cry at the moon?

Where does loneliness come from

In a world filled with people?

Why does a child believe?

Why is an adult scared to believe?

Where is that line?

And no, I’m not talking about the equator.

I’m talking about the line that divides

Between reality and fantasy

The cause and the effect

The consequence and the action

Black and white

Ying and yang

“good” and “bad”

Is it a line though?

Or more like a stretch of area filled with grey

White a speck of white on one end

Black a speck of black on the other

And then the middle

Filled with shades of grey

Light, dark, medium

Is this where life lies?

Is this where philosophy lies?

Or is philosophy part of a path on Wikipedia

Starting off with oreos,

Birds of paradise

Patrick Swayze or even Honey Boo boo

Clicking on the first link

Not in brackets

In every article

Until finally, in 10, 20, 30 clicks

You reach philosophy.

The article lists the areas of study

Famous philosophers

The history of philosophy

Is this what It truly is?

Does everything lead to philosophy?

Is philosophy everything?

If philosophy is everything

That means philosophy is life

Life is philosophy

C’est la vie.



3 thoughts on “What is Philosophy? -Aman

  1. Wow, I love this poem, Aman!

    I think you cover really well not only what Philosophy is, but also the struggle that comes when one tries to define philosophy. I like the way you touch on so many different areas of philosophy – I immediately spotted logic, ethics, metaphysics, and epistemology. I also really love how you made your poem almost entirely in questions, including questions questioning the very basis of the other questions. I like this format a lot, because after taking this course last year, I became of the opinion that even though philosophy really is everything, philosophy itself is really more about questions and the search for answers, and not so much about the actual answers.

    -Emily V

    Posted by evandervelden | September 20, 2013, 8:03 pm


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