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Introduction to Philosophical Inquiry, Uncategorized

What is Philosophy?

By Kristina Stump & Heather Maskell

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2 thoughts on “What is Philosophy?

  1. Nice video. I like the use of music and historical examples of the view of the world, the solar system, and flight. I think you’d be interested to know the first person to calculate the earth’s circumference was Eratosthenes, a Greek scientist living in Egypt under the Greek Empire over 200 years before Christ. He did it with remarkable accuracy, invented longitude and latitude system, calculated the tilt of the Earth’s axis (accurately), invented the leap day, and even coined the term “geology” according to Wikipedia. On that note, perhaps a little less vagueness in the history of the video would be better. Either way, it’s nice. Good job.

    Posted by Aidan C | September 17, 2013, 3:48 am


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