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What is Philosophy? -Deion

This is my religion. There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple, philosophy is kindness
-Dali Lama
What is philosophy? The definition found on Google search is the study of fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence. Philosophy brings a different way to approach problems due to how you can have a rational argument with someone else on a problem. Philosophy is science without any facts or research since philosophy doesn’t have a defined topic they range from science, art, literature, and politics. But what do I really think philosophy is you ask? To be honest I think philosophy is just one mind blowing thing since we have questions in life that we can’t answer but then again philosophy can help us come up with a million answers for it.

I believe that philosophy is all about opinions and that everyone is entitled to their own opinion if we all have our own opinions then that leads us to be the unique individuals that we are. Imagine if we didn’t have any opinions and didn’t have the ability to think for ourselves then what would we be? Philosophy allows us to have the ability to give unanswered questions a answer but in our own opinion. In my opinion the ideas that people have that they live and die for and that some go to war over are all from philosophical ideas. Our lives and the choices that we make are all from philosophical ideas whether we know this or not it is true.

There is one question that I asked myself while writing this that is Why is philosophy important? After thinking I have found the answer and that is philosophy allows us to criticize others thoughts while allowing us to come up with our own answers that make sense to us instead of reading a article and trying to understand it or having someone else explain it to us. Also philosophy is a way of gaining knowledge and wisdom on other subjects that we never really looked into and it helps us to understand it in our own way. The best example would be “What is the meaning of life?” philosophy allows us to get to this answer through our own beliefs and thoughts and not by having to listen to someone talk and talk about it and pretend that we understand it. Philosophy also allows us to argue with others and not offend them because it gives us the ability to argue logically with one another.

In our time now, people think that we should just all go with the flow and not think for ourselves because that would make us become a outsider, but people have forgotten that being different and thinking for ourselves is better than just conforming to the rest and listening to what everyone else tells us because once we conform then we stop learning about new things and we forget how to think for ourselves.




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