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Notes on Class Activities Wednesday / Thursday

Inlet Running

Hey there,

I will be away with the TALONS class Wednesday and Thursday of this week, and have left the Philosophy 12 group with a task to be completed for our next meeting on Monday. There will be a TOC in class to manage things, take attendance, and the like; but my hope in sharing this note here is that their role is supportive rather than directive, or – I doubt altogether – disciplinary.

Groups have been selected and given different sections of the Basic Concepts of Logic handout for dissection and discussion. It is my hope that the smaller groups will prepare a brief synopsis and explanation of their section of the text when we meet again on Monday. If there are review questions in the back of the booklet which correspond to a group’s section, they are asked to guide their classmates on Monday in answering a sampling of them.

Class time on Wednesday and Thursday should be spent ensuring that each member of the group is familiar with the main idea in their section of the reading, and how their part fits into the whole (with special attention to the sections immediately preceding and following theirs). Beginning Monday, each group will be responsible for the class’ understanding of their own section, and be asked to contribute to the understanding of the group during the other sections (see: a fluid discussion moving from section-to-section).

Possible tips for planning might include:

  • Creating a class set of notes via Google Document

  • Sharing supplemental information (links, videos, resources) on the blog before Monday

  • Or nominating a note-taker / lecture host to guide & connect the discussion(s) on Monday

The groups have been divided as follows, should anyone have been absent on Tuesday (Devon!) or forgotten:

1. What Is Logic?
2. Inferences And Arguments
Lazar, Cassidy, Andrea

3. Deductive Logic Versus Inductive Logic
4. Statements Versus Propositions
Dylan, Aman, Jessica

5. Form Versus Content
Ashley, Deion, Kristina

6. Preliminary Definitions
Sophie, Emily, Ayden

7. Form And Content In Syllogistic Logic
Katherine, Jade, Julien, Tyler

8. Demonstrating Invalidity Using The Method Of Counterexamples
Aidan, Ramona, Julie, Leon* (We may have moved Leon to the next group, though?)

9. Examples Of Valid Arguments In Syllogistic Logic
Heather, Imtiaz, Devon


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