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Introduction to Philosophical Inquiry

What is Philosophy? -Leon

Philosophy has many definitions but I think a good definition of philosophy is to grasp the fundamental of what is truth, existence of everything, and what is reality. We all have our own opinion of what philosophy is and it could all be the right answer. In my opinion, the definition of philosophy is thinking logically, thinking what you believe is true, and thinking every possible outcome and/or solutions to questions. When you do start thinking either with yourself or with other people, in the end you’ll come up with a conclusion to your question. When you have more people thinking about it; their way of thinking, their different prospective, and through their point of view will help you see and/or think of things you never thought of before. In philosophy, you’ll be questioning everything and the big three questions you’ll be asking is what? How? Why?.

I think that the question is too general to be answered. There are too many questions to ask and too many things to wonder about. I can go on and on about what is enlightenment?, what is life?, and why we are here? But that would be like explaining the whole course to you. We all have our own meaning of philosophy and we are all right in our own minds. Philosophy is all about opinions both yours and other people opinion. We all have our own philosophy; we all have our own way of think, our own beliefs. Philosophy is all about thought and thinking. Doing something without thinking won’t lead to anything but that us human are sometimes. We are impulsive, we let our emotions get in our way of how we think and it changes our opinion on almost everything. There’s no real way of showing what philosophy is only by learning someone’s thought and listening to what they have to say.

When people say they are “sort of “this religion” “ or like “I’m not that religionist ”, they sometimes mean that they believe in some things but not everything in their religion. They “modify” their religion to fit themselves of what they believe in. To me they have created their own philosophy for themselves base on the structure of other religion and/or science. With that their minds and your would be different in some ways. When confronted with a problem, it is better to have people thinking with you because with their own philosophy and yours you’ll come up with one collective solution to your problem. Other people has their own perspective on things, their own way at looking at thing, and their own way of thinking through their point of view.

In conclusion, philosophy is our thought and our opinion. We question ourselves all the time for example what is colour?, what are numbers?, why are we here?, or are we just robot programmed by nature or by some kind of god?. I probably asked more questions than answering them but that is what philosophy is. It makes you think thoroughly, clearly, expanding your thoughts, and looking at things at a different perspective is what I think philosophy is. Your definition maybe different than mine but it doesn’t mean it’s wrong, there’s no wrong way of thinking things that just your point of view.



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