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Negative and Positive are antonyms. Meaning, that their each others’ polar opposites, which in theory states, when put together they would balance out and create absolute zero. When these two polarities are brought into a world where mathematics is not used as a primary advocate, it can create a controversy, such as what our Philosophy 12 class has approached conversing the topic of Positive/Negative freedom. However, I prefer to visualize these two freedoms as, yes in fact, polar opposites. For this to work, I defined Negative freedom as something one cannot ever physically accomplish, yet one would be free to do so. While on the other hand, Positive freedom would immediately be defined as any act where potential is achievable. For example, landing on Jupiter is physically impossible, yet one is free to do so (If one could). Positive freedom would be becoming a race car driver, or being a Nobel prize winning scientist, both achievable acts.

Now a new controversy begins. For instance, we can say it is currently impossible to step foot on Mars; however, in due time, there are high probabilities that such an invention to allow man kind to do so is possible. With this, one can determine that there is a potential for human beings to ponder the Red Planet. So would this be considered as Positive or Negative freedom? This is where our unifying factor is introduced, time.

At this point in time, it is physically impossible to step foot on Mars. In years to come however (And we do know NASA, as well as other space agencies, are working their way to taking humans to Mars), a ship may be invented to take man kind up to the Red Planet, as one did to the moon, where then one would receive the potential to become an astronaut and travel through space. In conclusion, Negative and positive freedom only vary by a factor of time. Of course, this does not include acts which truly are physically impossible.



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