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Introduction to Philosophical Inquiry

Twitter and “the Hallway”

DS106: An Open, Participatory, Student-centric, Community-focused Course on Digital Storytelling from DML Research Hub on Vimeo.

Someone else who bears some responsibility for the course structure of Philosophy 12 is Jim Groom, who along with Tom Woodward, Alan Levine and Martha Burtis have built the educational phenomenon known as Digital Storytelling 106, or #ds106, which he discusses in the above video with Howard Rheingold here in an interview that cuts to the heart of what it means to learn in the open.

Something that made me want to share this brief talk here was something Jim says about Twitter:

“Twitter became the platform for everything that is missing in online learning – that hallway space, the space where you are joking around, the interstitial spaces that aren’t tested on and aren’t assessed – but it’s where all the learning happens.”

Jim Groom talkijng to Howard Rheingold

Part of my excitement around Philosophy 12 last year came from the discussion and activity that sprung up around the course’s hashtag on Twitter, something I hope we can replicate this year. In addition to sharing resources and readings, Twitter facilitated much of the interaction between our class and its open online participation, and created an ongoing dialogue that ranged – if not about the course content itself – between many of the students in class, myself, and those beyond the classroom walls.

As we set out into September and the balance of the course, I hope to see more of you in the literal hallway outside of class, maybe on the intramural pitch come the semester’s lunchtimes, and on Twitter. If nothing else, you might see your Philosophy Pop Quiz marks on the rise.


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