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Introduction to Philosophical Inquiry

Jumping the Fence

I was looking through my posts and I just realized that I accidentally never published this one, only saved it as a draft… Might as well post it. It is in a similar style to what I believe my final project will be anyway. So here it is:

It may surprise you that when I think of philosophy, the first thing that comes to my mind is not someone laying down looking at the sky contemplating life, nor someone with their thumb and index finger across their face with an inquisitive look.
When I think of philosophy I remember how much fun it is to jump a fence, to climb up through rocks and bushes not even noticing if you brush against something and get a small cut. I think of the smell of a campfire and roasted sausages.

Why do you ask, do I think of such things? Quite simply because it was under those circumstances that I had my formal introduction to Philosophy. I used to live behind a quarry, when I was 9 my dad took my sister and I to the top. We weren’t actually supposed to be there so we did have to jump a fence in the process but at the top we had a view to the whole town we lived in. That’s where my dad read me “Sophie’s World”  a book that works as an introduction to the history of philosophy. He would read to us a few chapters a day, and when the sun went down we would make a fire and eat.

The top of the quarry provided a different perspective on the town. In a way it also helped to create my idea of what philosophy is. For me it can be seen as unlimited points of view, on any given subject. Looking at things in a new way or at least trying to.

The quote that I loved the most, when researching for this assignment was given by A.W. Moore. He said:  “I’m hard pressed to say, but one thing that is certainly true is that ‘What is Philosophy?’ is itself a strikingly philosophical question.”

To be able to create our own philosophy we simply need to think. Critically think. As said by Decartes : “I think, therefore I am”. So, as long as one exists technically half of the work is done.
However something that I came to agree with Socrates when I was younger and that in a way saddened me a bit was his saying: “As for me, all I know is that I know nothing” not actually to be taken literally but more to show the realization of how much knowledge there is around us and how little of total we will ever learn. Still even if we may never reach all the answers we hope for, to me philosophy is a fun way for us to enrich ourselves.




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