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Social & Political Philosophy

Democratic government and society’s goals -Misha & Toren

By definition democracy means a government by the people. If government is ‘by the people’ does it really achieve society’s goal as a whole? There are five main goals that a democratic government should supposedly reach that being security, prosperity, equality, justice, and liberty. However for a democracy to work a society must have rule by law, protections for both civil rights, civil liberties, tolerance of dissent and acceptance of majority decisions by the minority. A goal has to be had by someone or some group. Different people want different things for their societies.

The rule of law brings order to society. A properly functioning judicial system and police force can provide stability. Constitutional reform and the establishment of new legal entities to deal with justice issues in the post-conflict phase are important components to a peace building effort. Ultimately, some debate reconciliation depends in part on the restoration of the rule of law. The focus best assist countries construct a rule of law system.

People are not inherently democratic. People want to do what they want to do. So, we need to protect the principles of democracy with law. Remember that the Constitution, the basis of every one of our laws, is intended to protect individual rights against a majority over rule, even though a government truly cannot speak for everyone.

The principle of “majority rules” is absolutely not what the Constitution implements. We have to have laws so the majority of people in the country can’t vote to send a certain race or ethnocentric group to a ghetto or a prison camp. Democratic law is based on fairness and individual rights (even though the base of democracy follows these not all governments are truly a hundred percent democratic) for freedom from prosecution in speech, religious choice, movement from place to place, public assembly, privacy, self defense, etc. Without law these democratic rights might be overwhelmed by an oppressive government. Laws provide a proactive way to avoid the loss or violation of personal and individual rights in a democracy. That in one’s eyes can be view as how a ideal society should be others may however disagree because everyone’s goal in a society differ than others. There are other ways we can approach our democratic government because It’s hard to achieve a goal when we change direction every four years.

A possible better model might be one government with its individual subsections controlled by vote. Instead of voting for a group which shares some of your interests the public could vote independently on issues and the values of different fields for funding. The main flaw here is the lack of interest. Few enough people vote for the circus of two battling parties, even fewer would take interest in smaller issues. This could possibly be beneficial with fewer pointless votes, or votes decided only by the marketing of one side. Only people who care, and are theoretically informed, would vote on the issue.

I haven’t spent much of my life thinking about politics so I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m just utterly wrong, but I think the above model would help a society define its individual goals, rather than conforming to a vague idea of what its resident party wants. Without the flip flopping of rivaling parties, it might help the goals come to fruition.



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