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Music’s Universal Language: The Art of Sound

Listen to this video as you read through the post.

The history of music is beyond the age of books and literature.  Most people would agree that dates back to the beginning of humans and tribes. Music was used during wars to signal raids and also to create peace treaties in the time of the tribes. One of the most beautiful things man has created to expand their musical abilities is the guitar, specifically the acoustic guitar. Although there’s different kinds of guitars for different sounds, in my own personal opinion I think that steel stringed guitars sound the greatest with their twang added and harmonizing effects. The “Imperial Guitar marketed by the John Church company .. in 1891, may have been the first guitar advertised as being built specifically for steel strings”. Although there had already been guitars around that used steel strings before, these were the first guitars designed specifically for them.

It’s not the actual guitar though that I consider art, it’s what the guitar creates, and the story that it tells. The guitar is the paint brush, the notes are the paint, and the guitarist is the source of creativity; the painter. When a guitar produces music, it jumps over our walls of emotions and can change how we think within seconds of listening. It’s the one language that everybody understands. In the video, it shows just three kinds of notes from guitars; the strings, tapping, and harmonics. You take these 3 kinds of notes and you become the worlds greatest artist ever known, you take them and you keep on striving for more. The most beautiful thing about playing the guitar is that it’s an art that is impossible to perfect therefore causing the guitarist to continuously grow into a greater painter, and a better story-teller. The power of music is greater than any kind of government, it’s richer than the million dollar man. These notes from guitar’s crawl across every border of both our mind and our world. They tell stories and guide rituals. Now that to me is art; the art of the human mind, shown through the guitar’s notes as the story we all need to hear.


One thought on “Music’s Universal Language: The Art of Sound

  1. Great Post! i like the methaphor you used “The guitar is the paint brush, the notes are the paint, and the guitarist is the source of creativity; the painter” considering I play the guitar as well, so i always see so much beauty in playing music.
    At first, reading your post, i thought you were going to go into a song with addition to the video, but what we don’t realize is that musical elements is what makes a song so beautiful to start with as opposed to the song itself. Without music, lyrics would just be plain lyrics, or just poems, (not saying poems aren’t beautiful). Therefore, sound is Art.

    The video was really nice too, great job 😀

    Posted by yasmeenmezban | January 17, 2013, 6:01 pm

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