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The eternal game of Tetris. -Clay

Epistemology has definitely been an interesting topic to cover over the last week or so.

I’ve definitely spent a significant number of hours just trying to puzzle out what I think. At the start of this unit my thoughts were so jumbled and messy that I just couldn’t figure out what I really thought.After quite a few childhood-ruining discussions with peers and parents, Things started to become a lot more clear in my head. I had finally found some sort of focus for my statement about epistemology. Once I found that focus, It became a lot easier to actually think about it.

Premise 1: Knowledge is constructed from sensory input tested by personal reason and biases of those who posses it.

Premise 2: Paradigms are constructed from the knowledge that people choose to take as personal truth.

Conclusion: Paradigms are constructed from personal reason and biases of those who posses it.

Not a very good paradigm.

Furthermore, once new knowledge is proven, it is somehow fit into the paradigm, somewhat resembling a game of Tetris. Think of the blocks as different pieces of knowledge. The Tetris player is representing the reason and personal biases at the time that make the paradigm. If it’s a good paradigm, than the knowledge will fit nicely within it. If it’s not so good, then the player will lose and have to start again, this time with a different strategy. Over time, the the Tetris player gets better and better, and the blocks fit together better overtime because the player develops in such a way that they are able to fit the blocks together better and earn more points. Although you can’t exactly win at knowing things, many aspects of Tetris work as an excellent metaphor for knowledge and paradigms.



One thought on “The eternal game of Tetris. -Clay

  1. Realizing the perfection of the Tetris analogy in class was a magical moment.

    Posted by Jennifer | January 2, 2013, 4:16 am

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