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Knowledge, belief, and truth – Kristina

To me, knowledge is anything and everything I know to be true. Whether it’s universally true, or just my opinion, it’s knowledge. To me, belief is knowledge, and truth is knowledge, and belief is truth – or at least it’s true to me.

The problem I see with my opinion is that knowledge, truth and belief aren’t always universal things. I may know that my bedroom is grass green, but someone else might describe it as lime green. I may say it’s true that spiders are creepy, but some odd person might like them. And I may believe that there is no God, but many other people will challenge me on that. So this knowledge, this truth, and that belief may not be knowledge, truth, and belief for everyone. And so…do I really know that my room is lime green? Is it really true that spiders are creepy? Do I really believe that there is no God?

Yes, yes, and yes.

Or at least I believe that those are the correct answers.

So… what do we know? Anything and everything that we believe to be true.

How do we know it? We believe it, and so we know it.

And because that’s my opinion, it must be true knowledge.



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