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George Berkeley whom I had previously researched on believed that all ideas except self and god are really secondary qualities and self and god our primary qualities. Primary qualities exist in the world and secondary qualities exist as an experience of the mind.   We create the world and any physical object in our minds with the view that “experience fills our mind with knowledge”.

Berkeley’s epistemogical arguments fail due to Lock’s “easily maintain that material objects are perceived even though they are no immediately perceived”.

 In my opinion I disagree with Berkley’s view and find that there are many flaws.

However  if there’s nothing that exists outside the mind, and if the ideas in ones mind define reality, how come you can prove minds wrong?

Another strong belief was that there was an outside world, and it was this world which caused the ideas one has within one’s mind, Berkeley sought to prove that the outside world was also composed solely of ideas


My thought

My argument and belief differs completely from Berkley’s views. In fact I believe that Knowledge cannot be perceived outside of living beings and that knowledge is not given to us by an outside being(god) but by what we perceive and the experiences we gain.

Ex: If you believe that penguins are black and white without ever viewing or experimenting with that thought then that is belief and not knowledge.

A thought or idea must be justified and that is knowledge…



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