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Trying to grasp Epistemology (Gregory Gosse)

So. Epistemology. Whats my Take on it? Well…

I’m told its A & B = C … So is that like saying Shopping & Bills to pay = Money Loss?

If you decide to go shopping ALL THE TIME then you have NO money left to pay your bills. Yet when you paid off those treacherous bills, you have left over money and decide to SPEND it! Thus leaving your poor little wallet lonely and weightless. (Greg, you have a terrible concept on this whole Epistemological thesis” Yeah. But that isn’t stopping me from trying!) So. Back to this whole Epistemology concept. Its pretty straight forward, you SHOP and SPEND money on your bills thus leaving you broke.

      • Shopping + Bills to Pay = No more money

Well, there you have it. My take on an Epistemological Statement. It’s not much, but hopefully I’ll get a better understanding in this next class and seriously expand my knowledge.



2 thoughts on “Trying to grasp Epistemology (Gregory Gosse)

  1. A statement, and a logical progression you have indeed, Greg – what is missing is the connection to Epistemology (either in explanation, or creating an example that fits the topic better). How does the money / spending / saving analogy relate to our views on Knowledge, or Knowing?

    This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to start from scratch… there are probably a few people in our class willing to help mold what you have here into a meaningful allegory of our potential knowledge and how we acquire it. To continue with the metaphor, what would the wallet, the money itself, or the places we spend it represent? Where does the ‘money’ (knowledge) we gain/earn come from?

    Posted by bryanjack | November 13, 2012, 5:47 pm
    • Lets say that the wallet represents our mind and where we store things that we learn of the world (our thoughts and ideas), and the money is the knowledge gained from those experiences. We need to save our money (knowledge), earned from our job (life), so that we may proceed on our philisophical journies through our lives. If we dismiss any of that money (knowledge) at the local fast-food restaraunt wasting it on a burger (ignoring something that we had learned) then we would be without the ability to proceed forward. Could this be considered..

      Knowledge is gained through Life; Life is interpreted through personal Knowledge, therefore to continue through life we must have knowledge?

      Still struggling on the “C” part of the statement (A & B therefore C)

      Posted by mrflyingpenguin | November 14, 2012, 6:23 am

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