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Vancouver: Sunny and Beautiful – Kelly

My parent’s best friends from when they were young are visiting us this weekend.  They live in London, Ontario.  After arriving on Thursday night, my father and his friend, Terry, picked me up from dance.  On the way home, Terry commented on how beautiful the weather was, saying “You are so lucky.  The weather here is always so wonderful.”

Clearly, this is an inductive fallacy.

Having just arrived in Vancouver, the weather was sunny and mild.
Therefore, the weather in Vancouver must always be sunny and mild.

This is a fault of hasty generalization, following the form of:

A is true for B.
Therefore, X, Y, and Z are true for B.

This is obviously false, as anyone who has ever spent a reasonable amount of time in Vancouver knows that the most common weather of the area is rain.

The first premise is true, but the conclusion is false, and the argument is not sound.



2 thoughts on “Vancouver: Sunny and Beautiful – Kelly

  1. Actually a really good example of flaws in inductive logical reasoning…thanks for that!

    Posted by liamthesaint | October 6, 2012, 8:30 pm

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