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Logic & Scientific Philosophy

Shedding Fallacy

My pet rabbit has been shedding a lot recently. It’s been going on for a couple of weeks. My brother observed this yesterday and asked me: “Why is the bunny shedding now? Wasn’t he shedding last week?”

His logic was:

The bunny was shedding last week.

Therefore, the bunny cannot be shedding this week.

This is an example of a (really bad) logical fallacy. My brother was inadvertently implying that a bunny can only shed for one week at a time. This is untrue, obviously, because it is possible for a bunny to shed two weeks in a row (though I really wish that it couldn’t, because every single thing in my house is now covered in a thin layer of bunny fur.)

The first premise of my brother’s argument is true: the bunny WAS shedding last week. The rest, however, is untrue. The argument is not at all sound.



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