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This Syllogism Took an Arrow to the Knee

In the world of Skyrim, if one takes an arrow to the knee, then they become incapable of adventuring.

A guard in Skyrim took an arrow to the knee.

Therefore, this guard is no longer capable of adventuring.


This syllogism follows the pattern of a hypothetical syllogism:


If A, then B.


Therefore, B.


The logic of this syllogism is not only valid, but the premises are true. In Skyrim, taking an arrow to the knee in all cases renders an individual useless on the adventuring front. Guards, in Skyrim, have a tendency towards this awful injury due to their dangerous jobs, and will tell you so themselves. Therefore, there are many guards all across the lands of Skyrim who are unable to go adventuring.


This syllogism is sound.


Taking an arrow to the knee in Skyrim sucks. 



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