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Hal Jordan Hates Lemonade

Hal Jordan cannot use his ring on anything coloured yellow.

Some standard tennis balls are yellow.

Hal Jordan cannot use his ring on some standard tennis balls.

In this syllogism, the pattern of

A(Hal Jordan’s ring) cannot be(used on) B(anything yellow)

Some C(standard tennis balls) are B(yellow)

A(Hal Jordan’s ring)  cannot be (used on) C( some tennis balls)

is followed, with A as the middle term, B as the predicate term, and C as the subject form. The logic is valid, and as wikipedia can show us,

“Originally, power rings were unable to affect objects colored yellow,”

proving the first premise as true, and

“Yellow and white are the only colors approved by the United States Tennis Association [as standard tennis balls]” 

proving the second premise as true. As it is both valid and true, this is a sound syllogism.

“Draw me like one of your french girls.”

….Also, after one post on why Stephen Downes is Batman, and another on the limitations of the Green Latern, I’m thinking that I like the whole superhero theme. The things you learn in logic.




2 thoughts on “Hal Jordan Hates Lemonade

  1. Excellent valid syllogism. But ‘The Green Lantern’? Worst superhero movie ever. (If you want Green in a movie go for the Green Hornet, which was one of the most under-rated of the superhero movies. And I just saw the new Spider-Man on the plane & I hated it. But Daniel Craig is the best Bond ever.)

    Posted by Stephen Downes | October 6, 2012, 9:48 am

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