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Everyone loves Marineland.

Richard is part of “everyone”

Therefore Richard loves Marineland


Of course Marineland is lying to our faces and Richard doesn’t like it at all.

Everyone(A) loves Marineland(B)

Richard(C) is part of “everyone”(A)

Therefore Richard(C) loves Marineland(B).

All A are B

C is A

Therefore C is B


Actually I think this syllogism could be improved. I don’t know if its a problem, but it uses “loves” rather than “is,” or “are.” Also “Richard is part of everyone” doesn’t sound as if it’s properly worded. If some kind and gentle commenter could swoop down and correct me vigorously  I would be grateful.


2 thoughts on “Richard<3Marineland

  1. I would agree with you completely Toren!

    Like you said, not everyone loves Marineland. That in itself is untrue.

    Also, the word “loves” is very subjective. It does not tell you to what extent people like or dislike Marineland, and therefore may be different to each person. One person may claim to “love” Marineland while they simply enjoy it, while another who is emphatic about Marineland may consider themselves to merely “like” Marineland.

    In another direction, do you think this is something that many advertisers use to maintain legal ‘truth’? For if they defined love Marineland as:
    “Gaining satisfaction from one or more parts of the entire park. This may include food, drinks, rides, and more”
    If so, it would be a true statement that everyone loves Marineland, for the reason that only one aspect of the entire park must satisfy each person. If they are allowed to define each word in their premises, then of course, their argument is sound!

    Jonathan Toews

    Posted by JonathanToews | October 4, 2012, 2:58 am
    • I realized “love” might be a problem, but it seemed to good a syllogism to pass up. Does that make it invalid? For your second point, I think you’re right, those tactics are probably employed all the time.

      Posted by torendarby | October 4, 2012, 3:53 am

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