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Logic & Scientific Philosophy

Zombies and Logical Fallacies

There are no zombies at Pacific Playland. 

Pacific Playland is in the United States of America. 

Therefore there are no zombies in the United States of America.

After watching the movie again, I couldn’t help but to notice that this syllogism is untrue, seeing as in Zombieland, there are zombies almost everywhere.

Here’s a couple, as evidence to speculate on.

But why?

The statement is perfectly valid. Seeing as it contains a middle term (Pacific Playland), predicate term (The state of being zombie-free), and a subject term (The state of being a part of the U.S.A.). Although each premise is true, the argument contains a logical fallacy. The problem here is a fallacy of relevance. The second premise is too broad. Although it is true, it is not necessarily relevant to the argument as a whole.



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