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Introduction to Philosophical Inquiry

Philosophy is a Pickle

Philosophy is a Pickle

There’s no “right” size of a pickle. There’s many.

  • Just like how there’s not one right and wrong answer.

Philosophy makes you think, it lets your brain ask millions of un-answered questions

  • How big will the pickle get? Why is the pickle green and not blue?
  • Thought experiments are a branch of Philosophy and lots of the time they’re never answered right or wrong.
  • The Pickle will be big! The pickle will be small! Both are valued answers but you won’t know which is right until that pickle is fully grown.
    • Say you drop a pickle onto the floor, how will it react?
      • It could bounce, or it could just lay there.
        • What causes the direction that the pickle bounces in?

Pickles and Philosophy are both the same, and yet they are nothing alike.

  • They are the same because of the thinking process that goes into the questions just asked.
    • When you think, you’re conducting a thought experiment about that pickle thus causing the relationship between pickle and philosophy.
  • Pickles and Philosophy are also nothing alike at all.
    • The pickle has a physical mass that’s our eyes can clearly see that it’s been limited; philosophy is the thinking of our thoughts and imagination trying to visualize the unknown answers to lost questions.

While listening to a paper on pickles, you’re already conducting new thoughts and ideas. You’re trying to link pickles with philosophy; philosophy with pickles. Everybody will have different answers and yet everybody will be right.

Philosophy is a pickle and that’s that.



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