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Introduction to Philosophical Inquiry

American Obesity

Americans are Fat

John Smith is American

Therefore, John Smith is Fat.

Without first mentioning the fact that this syllogism is fundamentally flawed, because it is based on faulty, and subjectively untrue statements, we have to conclude that this syllogism is fundamentally valid. It is valid because the conclusion, is based, and directly taken from the 2 premises. If we follow through this syllogism we can identify that John Smith is the Subject Term, Americans is the Middle Term, and Fat is the predicate term.

We can determine this argument is valid, because if all Americans are fat, and if John Smith is an American, then we have no other option to conclude that John Smith is Fat based on the premises that this argument was based on.

However, this syllogism, isn’t true, or sound, because for it to be true, then the premises that it is based on must both be true, but the first premise, Americans are Fat isn’t true. While the majority of Americans may be severly obese, it isn’t true to say that all Americans are Fat, because the majority doesn’t constitute the whole.

Because, the premises are false, the argument, and syllogism, must therefore be unsound, because for it to be sound it must be both based on true premises, and a valid deduction of the premises. So, therefore this syllogism, is valid, but not true, nor sound.



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