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Logic & Scientific Philosophy

Introduction to Logic Blogging Assignments

Click the image above to access a Prezi Introduction to Logic corresponding to our reading this week.

Blogging Assignment for Logic Chapters

For credit participants: Submit three different responses to the posts outlined below on the class blog.

Open-online participants: Evaluate examples provided for Truth, Soundness, Validity and Reliability, comment, post examples of your own. Or lurk. That’s cool, too.

Create an original syllogism and identify its middle term, predicate term, and subject term. Examine your syllogism for Truth, Validity and Soundness.

Example of Logic
Present and deconstruct a logical argument in philosophy, literature, journalism, comedy, musical or other example, describing the effect created by the author’s use of logic (including Validity, Truth and Soundness).

Inductive / Abductive Reasoning
Summarize and analyze a piece of journalism, scholarship, political rhetoric or criticism which employs inductive or abductive reasoning. Evaluate the reliability of the evidence involved.

Logical Fallacies
Provide and summarize an example of an argument guilty of committing a logical fallacy: characterize the type of fallacy at work and (if possible) refute the argument with a contrary logical proposition.

Be sure to categorize these posts as Logic and Scientific Philosophy, and tag them corresponding to which of the above prompts they are responding to. For credit participants are expected to have their posts on the blog by this Friday, October 5th


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