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Introduction to Philosophical Inquiry

Pursuit Of Knowledge. How Much Is Too Much? -Daniel

I stumbled upon an article a few years back. It was an explanation about Pokemon. How it was all a dream and Ash was actually in reality in a coma on life support, providing evidence as to how this is such as Ash’s apparent lack of aging throughout some 5 generations. Let me tell you, it was a pretty view-changing experience. It didn’t change Pokemon for me – after all, it’s just a fanmade story. However, ever since reading that story I’ve been taking more things with a grain of salt, questioning why things are this way and how did it come to be.

The idea of reality as a whole is rather intriguing. The Matrix series is centered around the idea that there’s a higher up, “realer” reality than the one we touch, smell, see, hear and taste in. In Inception, the whole idea of reality as we know it is thrown out the window in favour of a world ruled by dreams, so to speak. Who’s not to say that we’re all Ash’s, victims of our own respective thunderbolts?

And alas comes the fatal flaw of our overly developed pre-frontal cortexes. We question and gain the ideas that come with the question. But what good are the ideas if they cannot be translated into knowledge? For as much as we can have ideas about pocket monsters simply being figments of imagination from a pre-teenager on his deathbed’s imagination, nothing is for certain unless we can experience this truth and confirm this knowledge ourselves. In the ever-continuing quest for knowledge there’s always a bit more that can be gleaned, a bit more to be told and just a bit more that’s out of reach from our grasps. In the end, it may be better to simply trust in our own respective realities and let them lead us to our own league championships.

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, me must do.” -Leonardo da Vinci


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