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Introduction to Philosophical Inquiry

Links & Assorted Philosophical Collegiality from @DrGarcia

The last few days has seen the activity in #Philosophy12 expand across the Internet with the use of DS106 Radio, a user-maintained web-radio station I’ve been working and playing with for the last year and half, that has allowed our class readings and discussion to be shared with a wider audience and learning community.

No stranger to the #ds106radio airwaves and many a broadcast from the halls and auditoriums of our highschool, GNA Garcia has been an active listener and participant in the last two days’ discussions of Plato’s Allegory of the Caveand in the true spirit of open-online learning has become a teacher-learner-facilitator node in what I hope is beginning to form as a working blended learning network: a classroom supported by co-learners participating at a distance.

To this end, GNA has shared a host of links, videos (the one embedded above is from her) and readings to supplement our learning in the last few days, which I’ll share here so that those not yet immersed in the burgeoning twitterstream for the course can keep up.

A big thanks to GNA for her contributions this week and for (always!) listening along: we’re fortunate to have you as a part of our learning community!


About bryanjack

HS Gifted program teacher interested in the world out there, the world in here, and blending the two at every opportunity.


5 thoughts on “Links & Assorted Philosophical Collegiality from @DrGarcia

  1. It’s always a pleasure to observe, listen, and participate in the interesting teaching and learning you are up to with all your students. I’m humbled by your willingness to keep your classroom(s) open to me. Thank you for inviting me (and the entire interwebs) into your lifescapes. G

    Posted by GNA | September 19, 2012, 9:27 pm


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