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Introduction to Philosophical Inquiry

Richard: The Opposite of History

My presentation starts of with a video, after which there will be an explanation. Don’t be daunted by the 138 minute length of my video, because you only need to watch the first minute-ish of it, and why the video is so much longer is covered in my explanation.

A great woman once defined philosophy as the opposite of history. In her words, Philosophy is what can be, and History is what has been. History, and Philosophy are however, inextricably tied; our history is influenced by the philosophy of the past, by the “what can be” of the people of yesterday. Our philosophy is in turn influenced by our history, by the bumps in the road that’s led this world to what it is today, on both private and public levels. Each individual’s philosophy is essentially their “What can be” for the world, what they think the world has the potential to become, and their way of reaching that potential.

The potential of “What can be” is endless, and I’m sure if we gathered the philosophy of 6 billion people, we’d end up with 6 billion different visions for the world. The fire represents philosophy because what we saw of the fire represents the progression of the history of the world, as the fire builds in the video, so does our history. Where the video stops represents where we are right now right now we have the potential to take it in 7 plus billion different ways, one for each cognitive human being in the world. The rest of the video is left blank and black to represent the endless and limitless possibilities for our future. The fire represents that accurately, because the fire as the ember it is now has countless “What can be”. It could rapidly become a raging inferno, burn steadily, or even sputter out and die. That represents the vast amounts different potential futures for our world. Each one of those is our different individual “What can be”, our philosophy.



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